Love * Play * Learn * Grow


Love * Play * Learn * Grow


Helping parents and children since 1971

At our school, children will discover a nurturing and engaging environment that encourages exploration and excitement during their critical early years of development, beginning with infancy. With our adherence to exceptionally high standards, our goal is to help shape confident children, who will be socially, physically, and academically prepared for school.

The foundation we provide enables children to embark on their own individual path, as they explore an ever-changing world, and develop essential skills for elementary school, through our unique approach to early education. Choose a center that has been trusted by families for generations!

Our goals for children:

  • Develop a sense of emotional security, trust in their teachers (caregivers) and their environment

  • Develop a growing sense of autonomy, initiative and curiosity

  • Develop self confidence

  • Build a life-long love of learning

  • Develop and demonstrate pro-social behaviors such as cooperation, sharing, and taking turns

  • Demonstrate problem solving skills.

  • Expand critical thinking skills.

  • Expand verbal communication skills.


Why Choose Us

Focus On Learning

With our unique suite of educational programs, for infants to school-age students, our center offers personalized learning experiences and a defined curriculum to guide children on their path to elementary school. Each child’s progress is regularly shared with families through daily activity communication and learning portfolio reports.

Outdoor Play

There really is something simple you can do to improve your child’s health and development…include outdoor play in their day-to-day activities. Studies show there are a number of benefits of outdoor play for children. Cedar Gables has a large outdoor play area and believes children should have the opportunity to play outside every day (weather permitting of course).


We are partnering with you to help raise and develop your children, so keeping you in the loop about what is happening is critical to our mutual success. Our digital platform allows you to control when and how much information regarding your child that you received on a day-to-day / minute-to-minute basis.

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.
— Fred Rogers