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Education Programs

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Infant Program (6 weeks - 18 months)

Cedar Gables provides a nurturing environment to care for your baby. Our teachers listen and communicate with parents to ensure both the child’s and parents’ needs are met. We are attentive to your baby as important milestones are reached, such as learning to roll over, crawl, walk, smile, babble, and wave hello! The infant classroom provides many opportunities for stimulating and nurturing young infants’ minds, but also allows each child an opportunity to rest and recharge. Young infants determine their own schedules- there is no such thing as a “typical day” in an infant classroom! As your baby matures, we guide each child towards a more structured and organized schedule to provide consistent feeding and rest times. We engage with your infant in the following areas:

  • Social/Emotional

  • Gross Motor

  • Music & Movement

  • Story Time

  • Fine Motor

  • Sensory Activities

  • Outdoor Play

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Toddler Program (18 months - 3 years old)

Cedar Gables provides toddlers with opportunities to learn and explore. The toddler classroom is organized into learning centers to engage children in learning through play while building independence. Our teachers communicate with parents to ensure we are working together on important milestones such as potty training and language development and also to ensure your child’s daily needs are met. The toddler program provides a structured daily schedule to help your young child learn. Each classroom provides opportunities for structured activities, story and circle time, music and movement, guided play, meal times, and a rest time. We engage with your toddler in the following areas:

  • Group Story time

  • Social Skills

  • Gross Motor

  • Fine Motor

  • Language

  • Sensory/Discovery

  • Outdoor Play

  • Math Concepts & Manipulatives

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Preschool and Pre K (3 years - 5 years)

Cedar Gables provides preschoolers with opportunities to develop a love of learning! Children are given more freedom to explore based on their interests as they are engaged in the classroom learning centers. Learning centers give your preschool child the opportunity to learn to share and play with others, build independence and confidence, and acquire the skills needed for kindergarten. Learning emerges through frequent exposure to concepts, interactions, purposeful play, and new experiences. The preschool classroom provides a structured and nurturing environment that provides children with structured group activities, individualized learning opportunities, play, and numerous activities to encourage your child’s development. Preschool children are engaged in group circle time, purposeful play, meal times, and an opportunity for rest time as needed. We engage with your preschooler in the following areas:

  • Circle Time/Large Group Activities

  • Small Group Activities

  • Creative/Process Art Activities

  • Outdoor/Large Motor Activities

  • Block Play

  • Math & Manipulatives

  • Writing/Language Arts

  • Dramatic Play

  • Sensory/Science

  • Music & Movement

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School Age Before & After School (5 years - 12 years)

Cedar Gables provides an engaging learning environment for your School Age student. Even when school is not in session, children need to be actively engaged in a stimulating learning environment. We offer a safe, structured environment that balances learning and fun. Our programs offer enrichment opportunities, engaging learning centers, and opportunities to extend learning beyond the school day. From completing homework to fun physical activities, this program builds independent learners while promoting youth voice. The School Age program offers parents and students Before School, After School, Before & After School, or School Vacation options. Mornings are filled with activities to help “wake the brain” as children arrive and begin their day. Students are given the opportunity to choose activities based on their interests and engage in structured activities. Homework assistance is always available. We engage with your growing child in the following areas:

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Vocabulary

  • Literacy

  • Math

  • Art

  • Community Building

  • Physical Education

  • Enrichment Activities